More Than 500 Million New Consumers Might Buy Crypto by 2030

Singapore’s largest bank DBS to offer crypto services to 300,000 investors

Singapore’s largest bank DBS hinted at plans to open its cryptocurrency and digital asset services to 300,000 high-net-worth clients across Asia, the Financial Times reported. The leading bank received a virtual currency license from the Monetary Authority of Singapore in 2021 to offer crypto services to its clients.

In this line, Barreiro noted that Wise is also exploring the Latin America region for the crypto option while singling out the vibrant digital assets market in the area. At the moment, Wise only allows users to purchase cryptocurrencies using funds in their accounts. At the same time, its customers can also receive money from platforms that offer digital assets, provided they are regulated under the European Union and British laws.

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Payment firm Wise rules out crypto remittances support citing high costs

British-based fintech firm Wise British-based fintech firm Wise has ruled out the possibility of facilitating cross-border crypto remittance, citing high costs for now. The payments platform, however, noted that cryptocurrencies come with additional advantages like speeding up the money transfer process but stated that it’s avoiding the costs of exchanging money.

The US President and White House Press Secretary claimed today that the US inflation rare is at 0%.

Not only are they changing the definition of a recession, but they’re pretending inflation doesn’t exist...

This is fear, and strong signal we’re a major recession. ‼️

JUST IN: Mastercard CEO says they’re working with Binance to let people spend crypto at more than 90,000,000 stores.

🇺🇸 US Senate passes the $740 billion “Inflation Reduction” Act.

The Fed trying to fight inflation by printing more money.

South Korean Regulator Flags 16 Overseas Crypto Exchanges for Lack of Domestic Licenses

The Fed trying to fight inflation by printing more money.

⚡ Vitalik Buterin: Crypto "Has to Transform Into Something Useful" by 2032

Buterin said that the next decade will be crucial for blockchain technology, arguing that applications will soon need to prove their utility in an open market.

“I think the next 10 years is when crypto has to transform into something that is not based on promises of being useful in the future but is actually useful,” he said.

Global inflation rates:

🇳🇱 - 8.6%
🇺🇸 - 9.1%
🇬🇧 - 9.1%
🇪🇸 - 10.2%
🇧🇷 - 11.9%
🇵🇱 - 15.6%
🇷🇺 - 15.9%
🇦🇷 - 60.7%
🇹🇷 - 78.6%
🇻🇪 - 167%

People will soon realize how MYID is important as an inflation hedge!

U.S. governor signs crypto-friendly bill into law to ‘take advantage of booming tech’

Breaking: Singapore Based Crypto Exchange Suspends Withdrawals Citing Volatility

Last night the SEC rejected Grayscale’s bid for a ETF. Today, Grayscale responded with a lawsuit. Grayscale CEO Michael Sonnenshein join:

“The SEC is acting arbitrary and capricious,” says Sonnenshein.

The FTX CEO Sam Bankman Fried warns about more crypto exchanges failures soon.

China’s BSN chair calls Bitcoin Ponzi, stablecoins ‘fine if regulated’

China Communist Party Mouthpiece Warns Bitcoin May Collapse to Zero

SEC Opens Investigation Into Insider Trading on Crypto Exchanges

⚖️ The SEC has opened an investigation against Binance with respect to BNB - the regulator seeks to determine whether the exchange violated securities laws in the process of selling the token five years ago.

Moreover, the SEC is investigating possible abuses by Binance insiders as well as market makers affiliated with CZ.

Goldman Sachs Survey Indicates Insurers Slowly Warming to Crypto

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